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Image 2BLVCKPIXELthe foresight company.


The ability to judge correctly what is going to happen in the future and plan your action based on this knowledge.


The act of using imagination and wisdom to set meaningful and inspiring goals grounded with purpose.

Our vision is focused on the convergence of technologies that will affect the way we live and work in the coming years: blockchain, artificial intelligence, spatial computing, advanced data management systems, robotics,...

By staying ahead of current trends, we future-proof our clients so that they anticipate, leap forward, and develop new operation models that align with what is to come.

We look beyond [ what’s next ], to [ what’s after next ].

anthropology + technology

This best defines what we do at BLVCKPIXEL. It means we envision and prepare for a world in which human ingenuity converges with machine intelligence to design a better future.

The stone ax, the wheel, the steam engine, the computer, and now AI - the advancement of humanity has always been driven by our ability to innovate. No other technology will have been as impactful on our world as artificial general intelligence.

We attempt to foresee these developments at all levels.

The emergence of cognitive technologies will result in the most rapid socio-economic disruption since the beginning of recorded history. In the next few years, no matter the enterprise, government or organisation, every business and operational model will have to adapt, and evolve.


Through advisory, consulting, strategic planning, prototyping, and realisation, we prepare and transition our clients into the age of artificial general intelligence.

what’s after next

Foresight | 3-5 years ahead

  • - Foresight Forum Conferences: expertise on future tech
  • - Strategic Foresight Reports: bespoke research and presentations

what’s next

Preparation | 1-2 years ahead

  • - Development of strategies to respond to rapidly evolving markets
  • - Research and conception of innovative workplace systems
  • - Research and ideation of innovative business models based on emerging technologies
  • - Predictive market research to identify business opportunities and changing consumer behavior
  • - Organisation of seminars for directors and C Suite Executives

what’s now

Implementation | Today!

  • - Design of iterative go-to-market business cases and use cases
  • - Innovation workshops for management, product development, and marketing teams
  • - Prototyping of innovative business operations and workplace systems
  • - Project management for implementation of emerging technologies


They inspire us.
We advise them.
We innovate as one.


We are privileged to work with some of the most legendary clients and well-loved global brands.

They trust us to deliver informative research, strategic planning reports, educational experiences, workplace and business innovations, use case prototypes.

If you would like to join this illustrious circle of clients please contact us to start the conversation:

our team + partners

What makes us so different?It’s all about our unique set up and perspective on the future. Beyond being [ visionaries ] and [ thought-leaders ], we are [ builders ].


Strategists, technologists, futurists, and creatives, BLVCKPIXEL is driven by our desire to prepare humanity for the incredible changes to come in our societies.

Led by Teddy Pahagbia, one of the most singular voices in the emerging tech industry, the core team is backed by a global network of experts who create convergence-ready innovations for our clients.


In addition, our partners bring complementary services that assure the readiness and scalability of our use cases and new business models.

get in touch

let’s talk + meet + collaborate

  • Feel free to ping us if you want to chat, we’ll be happy to share a coffee in our Paris headquarters or a fresh juice in our Dubai bureau.
  • And yes, we’re always looking for talents. ;)
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